Welcome families! We are excited to have everyone back for another wonderful school year.  School newsletters are sent out via email and  can be found on the school website. This will be the only printednewsletter of the year. If you are not already receiving emails from the school please go to the school website on the contact page, to be added to the school list serv. Most of the school information is shared via the school list serv. Sometimes these emails are send to spam so make sure to check your spam folder if you are not receiving the emails and mark them as, not spam.  This newsletter will be sent our via email on the first day of school as a test to make sure that I have everyone’s email in my system correctly.

Welcome Breakfast

When:September 3rd and 6th
Time:9:00 am -9:45am
All families are invited to come to the library to grab a coffee and a pastry before heading out for the morning. We hope that you are able to take some time out of your morning to stop by.
Updated Calendar of Events
There was a misprint on the Calendar of Events that was handed out at Open House. I have updated the document with the corrected dates. Please see the school Director if you would like another copy.  To make sure that you stay current on all activities please subscribe to the school calendar as there are times when dates may change due to unforeseen events.  If this occurs it will be updated on the school calendar immediately.

Upcoming Date
9/3/19 and 9/6/19: 9:00-9:45, Welcome Breakfast
9/10/19: Extended Day Starts for all programs
9/13/19: Friday Enrichment Starts
10/17/19: Special Person’s Night 6:00pm-7:00pm
10/3/19: Picture Day

Picture Day
Thursday, October 3,2019
Save the Date 
Indian Hill Church Nursery School Spring Fundraiser 
Subscribe to the school calendar for the most current information
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Ordering, photos,invitations or cards?
Use Indian Hill Church Nursery School store front and the school receives 13%  of your order as a donation.